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In 1997 my wife, 5 year old, our youngest daughter Chelsey, and I were traveling from Bismarck, ND to Grand Forks, ND to visit my sister. The four and a half hour drive, in the age before portable electronic devices for children, was boring, hence,

As we past the Buffalo Alice exit sign, along Interstate 94, Chelsey asked, “Dad, who is Buffalo Alice?” That prompted me to spin a tale of a young girl named Alice, to occupy our drive time. The tale lasted for the remainder of our trip. At the point in the story where people are still looking for Alice, Chelsey kept looking out the window for her.

When we got home I took out a notebook, drew some sketches, and wrote the story out for her. With her being 5, the original was eventually lost. The book you are holding is the re-creation of that story, with my new illustrations.

I would like to dedicate this book to our girls who are now grown, and want to teach our grandchildren to read, using this book.

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